Part of writing a blog is giving a flavour of who we are as a business, what makes us tick, what drives us and is at the core of our soul. So to give you an insight into our minds, if you were a fly on the wall, you would learn that our most impassioned subject is … dog fouling. Yes, literally any kind of dog mess. We are not impassioned by any particular kind – it all drives us into a rant. Any kind that has been allowed to happen on OUR grounds. In the week of a controversial budget potentially leaving the vulnerable vulnerable and the ever growing world of atrocities we still revert back to horror whenever we walk outside and find a ‘present’. We rant and rave and then argue whose turn it is to clear it up. And this is how we fight all our power battles – the weakest clears the mess. Maybe this is the same the world over – in partnerships, businesses and Governments?

Dog mess, as a contentious issue, can lead to all sorts of philosophical debate and psycho analysis at The Living Room. What kind of person allows their dog to excrete on someone else’s land? To take this even further what kind of person saves their dog mess and carefully places it on our path because we wouldn’t let their dog in? And then how do they psychologically benefit from showing off to the neighbours that they proudly left it there? Have people got no respect? Would they like it if we sent a human to do the same to them? What is happening in the world? And so we go on…

And then we move on to our heroes, for example, the person who camouflages themselves and stakes out in the bushes to report the offenders. Or my dad – who became so fed up with a customer constantly letting their dog mess in front of his shop door that he put it in a bag, followed them home and put it through their letterbox. The National Trust poster below shows how emotive a subject it is even for a whole society. Or my brother in law who bought a pair of shoes from ebay that had dog mess on the bottom. When he complained the seller said ‘what do you expect for that price?’

So this is who we are deep down. A team so angered by dog fouling that it brings us together to create a stink. It decides our power battles. It makes us question humankind. It stirs our primal emotions of anger, disgust and surprise. To us it’s simple – you own a dog. It eats. It poos. You clean it up. As our neighbours tree poster succinctly reads …

In the meantime, if you visit us not only do you now have an insight into what ‘makes us tick’ but you will also know who is in control of the business by which one of us always gets away with not cleaning up the dog mess! Or more like which one of us is delusional enough to keep claiming they were the last to clear it up so it is not their turn!


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