Have you ever visited somewhere & immediately felt a connection on the level that you know one day you will live there?

We met ‘German Michael” when we bought the B&B. He lived in Germany (the clue was in the name) & had a Union Jack on his lounge wall. He was clearly an eccentric English soul trapped in an ex-Army German body. He was staying here with his sweet mother & lovely fiancé Alexandra to introduce them to Bournemouth so that they could pretend they were as excited as him about moving here. To no doubt get him back they spent hours making him trawl around Bournemouth’s landmark – Primark.

Michael is the sort of person who walks the walk, although as anyone who knows him will tell you – he can certainly talk the talk. He came to stay here again, found a flat and next thing we knew……he had followed his heart, sold his beloved Jaguar and packed his cats, that as far as his landlady knew he didn’t possess (he was quickly learning the British ways), and shipped his fiancé over. No sooner had he arrived than he married on the beach & partied at The Living Room. (According to him it was all due to German efficiency.) There were quirky touches like forcing his guests on the Peppa Pig train & undoubtedly making them wave like the queen at bemused passers-by who the German guests believed were just-being-friendly.

He lives near us & is a coffee lounge regular fully embracing aspects of English life that the English are not foolish enough to try…like the regular Sunday sea swimming club or taking selfies on freezing cliff edge walks during dangerous gale force winds. His visiting German friends stay here & are met at a precise time after their B&B breakfast with scheduled day trips that only an Anglophile could plan &, therefore, to be frank that only an Anglophile would want to do…..except for ending the day with chez Fred’s fish & chips.

When Michael is not dreaming of being ‘The German’ on Gogglebox he also dreams of becoming a professional photographer, so as he seems to be ‘part of the furniture’, we gave him a kick in the right direction by commissioning him with our website photos (with the exception of the beach huts & Westbourne shops). We hope you like them & that they give you a flavour of our business & a bit of a background on the self-confessed ‘crazy German’ who took them and was courageous enough to do what he had always wanted to do in life……

At The Living Room we love that kind of bravery, tenacity & we’ll admit it….craziness.


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